A Guy, A Toolbox, and A Truck

What are the basic human needs?

You will get different answer depending on whether you subscribe to the philosophy of Maslow, Earl Butz, or another wisdom-keeper. But in any case, most will agree any person needing to maintain a residence will need the services of A Guy, A Toolbox, and A Truck to render their domicile habitable. So you have come to the right place.

Jerry Moore

Jerry Moore hase been working in Northern California since 1992, performing a variety of services from basic handyman work to keeping buildings from collapsing. In doing so, Jerry brings a deep knowledge of procedures, materials, and applicable regulations so the job is done right the first time, at the least possible cost and with the highest possible quality.

If you work with Jerry, you may discover that, after the job's completion, you long to have Jerry kick off his muddy boots and stay awhile, regaling you with his complex but mistaken outlook on life. Then again, maybe not.

You may ask, how can I break me off a piece of this? The answer is simple, call Jerry at 707-664-8100. It will change your life.

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